Write the Rainbow Writing Organizer

Learning how to write is such a complex skill. There is so much to process, from organizing thoughts to incorporating sentence structure and grammar. Students need some type of organizer to help structure what they want to say. Otherwise, they will ramble on and talk about multiple topics. Thankfully, the Write the Rainbow Writing Organizer provides an incredible tool to turn students into strong writers!

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Write the Rainbow Writing Organizer

This has been the perfect organizational tool for writing in my classroom! Since students love rainbows, they are always eager to begin writing. Honestly, incorporating a rainbow is a fantastic way for students to remember each step of the writing process.

Color Organization 

When students learn to write a paragraph, they need a consistent format. So, Write the Rainbow does exactly this. Since red is first, this is the topic sentence of the paragraph. Then, everything under this supports the topic. This means the orange, yellow, and green are the details. Lastly, blue is the closing to keep everything within the rainbow. Once students know this format, they do a fantastic job organizing their writing within this organizational system. 

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Learning the Organization 

Before writing independently, students need to learn the steps of the rainbow. So, the Write the Rainbow Writing Organizer includes supportive guides. For instance, students will read sentences and color stars in red that match the topic sentences. This is a great way to show students how a paragraph starts! Additionally, guides walk students through each color of the rainbow. This allows them the time to write a sentence for the orange, yellow, green, and blue steps.  Then, they will put the sentences together in a well-written paragraph. This additional organization page is an excellent way to help students build their writing confidence. 

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Writing Organizer Preparation 

Some students will need the color guide longer than others. To ensure it is always ready, I love to laminate the guides. Students can use dry-erase markers and fill in each color. Luckily, this also means erasing is quick and easy if they make a mistake! After they finish the organizer, they can write their sentences on paper. Students can even type them as they get older to bring in tech skills! 

In addition to laminating the guides, I keep color sheets to match the rainbow ready at all times. By seeing each color, students remember what they need to do next. So, I can pull my color paper out and hang them up or give them to a student. They can then write their paragraph one sentence at a time with the color supports. 

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Grade Implementation 

When learning to write, students need a consistent format. If they switch formats year-to-year, they will become confused and frustrated. Thankfully, Write the Rainbow Writing Organizer works for all primary classrooms! Teachers can adapt as needed, but the organizational system fits many grade levels. 

While students may be hesitant to write, they will love it once they learn the process. The Write the Rainbow Writing Organizer is a student-friendly way for them to understand paragraph formation. They will learn to stay on topic, include multiple details, and wrap it up. Honestly, students will love working on writing once they understand the organization! 
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  1. These planners are a great way to introduce writing to ESL learners as well! I find it difficult at times for students to add more details in their writing.

    Love the work, keep it up!

    -Mr. Greg from Hong Kong

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