Arctic Adventures

Winter is a tough season in the classroom. Students are often sniffling, cold, and tired. So, teachers often try to find creative ways to spice up their teaching. The hope is that really engaging, exciting lessons help students focus and learn content deeper. Luckily, the Arctic Adventures resource transforms the entire classroom! Students will absolutely love every minute of learning when traveling to the arctic! 

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Arctic Adventures 

This resource includes guides, tools, and resources to transform your classroom into an arctic wonderland! Students will love working on academic tasks when their classroom undergoes this transformation. 

Arctic Adventures

Specifically, students will work on reading, math, and writing throughout the day. The packet includes activities for arctic-themed stations for students to work on these subjects in refreshing ways. This includes making marshmallow igloos, writing about arctic-themed prompts, and deciphering arctic codes. Additionally, students will work on making words, identifying facts or opinions, and making shapes. Students will even work on ABC order, learn arctic vocabulary, and complete a word search. This will be a day students never forget! 

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Transforming the Classroom 

Having an amazing Arctic Adventure Day does not require much prep work! The Arctic Adventures resource includes all of the printables you will need. Everything has fun arctic animals or symbols to bring the theme alive in the classroom. Personally, I also put up some decorations from Dollar Tree and Amazon, but you do not need to do this! Honestly, you can have an Arctic Adventure Day without decorating your classroom at all. 

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Arctic Animals 

Honestly, students will not want their Arctic Adventures to end! They will love this fun, festive learning theme. This additional Arctic Animals Print and Teach resource includes short reading passages and comprehension practices to supplement the Arctic Adventures!

Arctic Adventures

Students will read about polar bears, moose, walruses, seals, arctic foxes, and snowy owls. Additionally, they will read about arctic hares, mountain goats, and beluga whales. After reading, they will work on comprehension activities to ensure they understand the passage. There is even a booklet that includes all of the animals, a word sort, and a copy-and-paste sheet. 

Since teachers are so busy, they just need to print the passages! Students will never know how easy it was for teachers to prep this fantastic transformation. 

Grade Level Appropriateness of Arctic Adventures

While all students would love to have an Arctic Adventure Day in the classroom, the resources have specific grades in mind. Specifically, the activities and lessons focus on 1st-grade standards. However, they could also work in some kindergarten or second-grade classrooms based on students.

Arctic Adventures

Students spend so much time in the classroom. Therefore, teachers want to make lessons fun and exciting. Luckily, Arctic Adventures does exactly this! Students will love working on reading, math, and writing through these creative activities. This will be a time students never forget!

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