Ringing in the New Year with Digital Activities

When students return from winter break, they may need some help refocusing. Between staying up late, sleeping in, and celebrating two holidays, their routines are off. However, it was a well-earned break! While this may sound surprising, it is now the perfect time for students to celebrate the New Year with their classmates! Having a fun celebration allows students to transition back into the classroom in an exciting way. Luckily, the Digital New Year’s Celebration has everything needed to ensure the first day back goes smoothly. Students will absolutely love ringing in the New Year with digital activities! 

digital new years

Digital New Year’s Celebration 

You’ve come to the right place when looking for a FUN activity to do with your students! This digital New Year’s party is the perfect way to add a little fun to the day without causing too much disruption. 

Specifically, there are 8 different activities for ringing in the New Year. This ensures students have plenty of fun with a wide variety of activities! This includes jokes, solving mystery pictures, playing This or That, and unscrambling words. Additionally, there are talking prompts, brain break dances, New Year Says, and an activity that lets students create their New Year’s name. Honestly, students will have a blast while celebrating with their classmates! 


Luckily, ringing in the New Year with digital activities is easy! Everything is ready for teachers. After picking the activity, teachers just need to click on it! The activity will instantly appear. Best of all, the download includes a PowerPoint or Google Slides version to fit all classrooms. 

When using the digital New Year’s activities, none take a ton of time. They are short yet powerful activities to help students have a brain break and become more alert. Honestly, they are incredible ways to help students reset their minds and prepare for the next set of lessons. 

Grade Levels 

While all students would love this activity, they focus on students in grades K-2. This means the jokes are most appropriate for these grade levels, and the questions and activities focus on this age band. 

Secret Skills in the Digital New YEar’s Activity

While students will have a blast with the digital New Year’s activities, they will secretly work on additional skills. For instance, New Year Says reminds students about the importance of following directions. Additionally, This or That and Talk About It helps build collaboration and communication among students. Likewise, students work on thinking deeply and problem-solving with the Mystery Picture and Unscramble the Word activities. Students will have so much fun celebrating the New Year that they won’t realize how many additional skills they practice. 

Ringing in the New Year with digital activities will be a fun way to transition back into the classroom. Honestly, the early mornings and rigor of the content can wear everyone out! Thankfully, the Digital New Year’s Celebration help reminds students how exciting school is and how good it feels to be back. 

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