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Summer is about relaxing and letting go of the stress from the previous year. However, many teachers are also thinking about the upcoming school year. Honestly, getting ahead often means a smoother start to the beginning. This typically involves preparing everything for Open House, developing new lessons filled with engagement, and planning assessments for baseline data. There is just so much to handle with back-to-school prep. Luckily, the two checklist items below will help teachers enjoy summer while preparing for a fantastic year. 

Back to School Night/Open House 

Truly, this is one of the most important events of the year. It allows parents to meet the person who will spend most of the day with their loved ones. Most importantly, it allows students to see their new classroom and put their minds at ease about the upcoming year. Therefore, teachers often feel a ton of pressure to create the perfect experience. 

Luckily, the First Week of First Grade will help ensure that the start of the year progresses flawlessly! This includes needed documents for parents, such as a welcome letter, transportation form, and parent survey. Then, there are printables for the first four days of school. All the included activities focus on basic skills to avoid overwhelming students. This also creates the perfect opportunity to get to know the new class family. There are even teacher resources, such as attention grabbers and morning songs! This back-to-school prep will help ensure students, parents, and teachers have an enjoyable start to a fantastic year. 

Everything you need for the first week of first grade.

Homework Plans

Honestly, making decisions over homework is stressful. For instance, teachers often wonder how much homework should be assigned. Additionally, there is always concern about how teachers can support students who do not have adults to help at home. Thankfully, the Editable Homework Choice Boards create a way to give homework in a fun, exciting way. By using choice boards, students have the opportunity to pick what they are working on. This means they may choose something they can do independently if their parents are busy. Then, they can complete the items they need help with when their parents are free. 

Editable Homework Menus for 1st Grade

There are monthly and weekly menus to fit each classroom! Each weekly homework menu has 9 reading, math, and writing tasks. Then, students select the 4 tasks they want to complete each week. Each monthly menu has 5 reading tasks, 5 math tasks, 5 writing tasks, and 5 science or social studies tasks. Then, students select at least 15 squares to complete throughout the month. Best of all, students are reviewing essential first-grade skills while enjoying the ability to pick! 

Editable Homework Menus for 1st Grade

Honestly, back-to-school prep can be exhausting and overwhelming. There is so much to handle to ensure students have an incredible year. To help reduce anxiety, create a helpful checklist. Working on one item at a time will make a list less daunting. Thankfully, the First Week of First Grade resource and Editable Homework Choice Boards will help check items off the list! 

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