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Another Week Done…Getting Back into the Routine

Another week of school is in the books and we are slowly starting to get into a routine.  My students have been doing great with “Read to Self” on Daily 5 and they actually look forward to reading every day!  I added some “Scholastic News” and “Time for Kids” magazines in their tubs this week and they were thrilled.  One little boy came up after “Read to Self” and thanked me for putting it in his tub.  Melt my heart!  I let my students “Shop for Books” for the first time this week. 
We talked about “Good Fit Books” and how they are like shoes.  {This is a lesson from the Daily 5 Book.} I brought in some of my shoes and we talked about when they would be a good fit.  When it came time to shop for a new book to add to their book tubs, we reviewed what would make a good book choice. {Click on the picture below to download for FREE.}
I also introduced “Work on Writing” this week.  I started out by explaining that it is always ok to write words that we aren’t sure how to spell.  I never want my students to be too scared to write “big” words.  I wrote an example on my easel and circled words that I didn’t know how to spell.  Next, I handed out a journal to each student.
I love these Primary Writing Journals.
My students loved getting journals like “Junie B.”  They did an amazing job working independently on their writing. I was really proud of them.  {I was actually already able to pull students to begin DIBELS testing during this time.} Eventually, I will be adding some fun tools and other forms of writing during this time and my students will have a lot of choices.  It’s all about baby steps with expectations and procedures in 1st grade.

We also had Open House this week.  Usually, we have our Open House as a “Meet the Teacher” night before school starts, but since our school was being remodeled, we waited until the second week of school.  At my check in table, I had parents write their addresses on an envelope.  I will be using these to mail out “Positive Notes.”
 I printed out each student’s “1st Day of 1st Grade” picture onto a writing page for each of them.  After they completed their writing, I laminated them for Open House.  I posted this freebie last year.  I also placed the handouts from my Facebook Fan Freebie on their desks.
 You can download this printable here.
In other news this week, we started reviewing how to use the number line to add and subtract.  Some of my students had a difficult time with this, so I wanted to get them up and moving and really involved with this.  I wrote the numbers 1-10 on index cards and placed them on my carpet. 
 Then I had students come over and hop next to the numbers while I gave them a story problem.  For example, Joey had 5 cookies.  He ate 3 cookies.  How many did he have left?  The student would start next to the number 5 and hop back 3 numbers to land on the 2.
We also learned all about our 5 senses.
I did a horrible job of taking pictures, but you can click here and here to see some pictures from past years.
Here is to another great week and to hoping that next week brings even more routine and progress!

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  1. How do you decide when to let the students "shop" for new books? I'm thinking of how I want to do it this year. Last year, I let them get a book after they had done a journal response on the books.

  2. Jodi…
    You are so fun to read about! Love this post!
    Quick Question! How do you get those cute yellow stars to cover kiddos faces on blog pictures???? HELP!!!!!!!!

    Love the Good Fit Books poster! Ready to get a few laminated! :0)

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