Bossy R Triplets

Learning all about phonemic awareness and phonics is tough! There is so much to keep straight between discovering blends, digraphs, syllable types, and letter patterns. However, knowing all these crucial elements allows students to become great readers and writers. Instead of guessing how to spell words, they can use their foundation skills to identify the pattern that makes the sound. Thankfully, the Bossy R Triplets is here to help with a tricky phonics skill. 

Bossy R Triplets

What are the Bossy R Triplets?

Specifically, the Bossy R Triplets include er, ir, and ur. Although these combinations have a the same sound, students can struggle to identify the difference. So, they need lots of engaging practice to fully understand this phonics skill! 

Bossy R Triplets 

Students like to be the boss. Whether playing a game or helping a younger sibling, they like to feel in control. So, they can often relate to the Bossy R Triplets! Honestly, this is an excellent connection for students to make from the start. 

While this phonics skill is tricky, this packet is the perfect way to help students learn in a fun and engaging way! There are tons of activities to ensure students gain a deeper understanding of er, ir, and ur. 

Bossy R Triplets

Engaging Lessons 

While learning the Bossy R Triplets, students will also work on their reading skills. This is because there are three original stories to introduce the different sounds. So, students will read each story and then complete multiple activities. If students are struggling readers, they can also listen to the story. Then, they can try reading it themselves to practice pronouncing the Bossy R Triplet words. Since the stories are humorous, students are often excited to read them independently or with their class!

After reading, students will be ready to tackle the engaging activities. Specifically, this includes games, anchor charts, word sorts, and a center activity. There is also a wide range of skills to help students build their knowledge without becoming overwhelmed. While one activity has students identify the words using a specific Bossy R Triplet in the story, another brings the three together. Students will sort words based on having all the Bossy R Triplets on the same page. This progression provides excellent support when students are learning this phonics skill. 

phonics activities

Grade Level Support 

The Bossy R Triplets work best with 1st-grade students learning about the Bossy R sounds. However, if your district teaches this skill during a different grade, this may be the perfect addition to your lessons!

These sounds can be tough to learn! However, students must learn this skill since this is a huge factor in pronunciation and spelling. Thankfully, the Bossy R Triplets packet creates a fun way for students to work on a tricky topic! Students will love giggling during the stories and working hard on the activities. 

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