1st Grade Phonics Curriculum

Students build the foundation for the rest of their lives during elementary school. For instance, they start by learning letters and transition into writing words. Then, they progress to writing sentences and paragraphs. Since this knowledge is crucial to being a reader and writer, teachers know the importance of engaging, hands-on activities. Thankfully, the 1st Grade Phonics Curriculum is ready to make instruction fun and meaningful for students! 

1st grade. phonics curriculum

Phonics Instruction 

Many teachers did not have strong phonics instruction when they were in school. However, recent studies show how essential phonics lessons are to supporting students on their reading and writing journey. So, some districts have programs to guide teachers while others need to figure it out on their own. Luckily, the 1st Grade Phonics Curriculum works for both situations! It includes everything needed for a year-long phonics curriculum while also supplementing programs out there. This curriculum will be so helpful for every classroom! 

1st Grade Phonics Curriculum 

There are so many elements to a phonics curriculum! So, there are products for 26 phonics skills to use throughout the school year. There is also a money-saving bundle to purchase the entire curriculum! Both options will help ensure students love phonics lessons. 

Independent Reading Activities

Phonics Skills 

There are units for all of the essential phonics components! For instance, this includes a letter review and short a, e, i, o, and u lessons. Additionally, there are units for L, R, S, and ending blends. Then, there are units on various long vowels and long vowels silent e. On top of this, there are units for vowel teams, such as ai/ay, and digraphs. There are even lessons for R-controlled words and diphthongs! There are so many phonics skills to ensure students have the perfect foundation. 

Ultimately, students can learn a new skill each week. Or, teachers can progress at a pace that works best for their students. 

1st Grade Phonics Unit Components 

Gaining a strong phonics foundation takes a lot of work. So, students need fun, engaging, and interactive lessons to help them focus. Additionally, they need a lot of practice to fully understand each skill. Luckily, the 1st Grade Phonics Curriculum contains so many helpful resources. 

There are lesson plans to guide teachers through their instruction. This will be incredibly helpful and allow teachers to teach phonics lessons with confidence. 

Students will love the activities that allow them to actively participate in lessons. This includes letter cards, word lists, word sorts, poems, and making word activities. Additionally, there are phonics sentences, roll and read fluency, games, color codes, and center activities. There is even a phonemic awareness focus in each unit. Honestly, each unit has so much variety to keep learning fresh and exciting! 

1st grade phonics curriculum


Teachers need to know how well students understand the curriculum. So, there are ready-to-go assessments. This will provide insightful information on who is ready to progress and who needs additional support. 

Honestly, strong phonics instruction is crucial for students to have. It allows them to learn how to spell, pronounce words, read fluently, and write confidently. Thankfully, the 1st Grade Phonics Curriculum ensures students gain these essential skills! Students will love all of the hands-on, interactive learning within the units.

Phonics Assessments

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