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Fact Family Fun

We just started introducing Fact Families in Everyday Math last week.  Most of my students caught on pretty quickly, but some needed something hands on that got them physically involved.  So, I came up with this idea.  I used three page protector sheets and put yarn in the holes so they could hang on students necks.  Then I slipped in three numbers to make a fact family.  I wrote a + sign and = sign on the board and had students make an addition fact with their numbers.  Then they had to do a “turn around fact” to make the other addition problem.  I made a huge deal about how the biggest number person did not move, only the two smaller numbers.  Then I put a – sign on the board and had students move to make a subtraction problem. Then they switched to make the other subtraction problem.  We discussed that the biggest number started both subtraction problems.

Here is a Fact Family review sheet for you as well.

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  1. I am planning on doing this activity as a review! thanks for the worksheet..saves me some time 🙂 Great idea with making it a necklace so the kids can see it at all times instead of them waving the single sheet of paper back and forth.

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