Comprehension using Text Evidence

When students read, they are not just reading the words on the page. They are reading for meaning. The goal is to understand what the words mean and to be able to talk about them. However, students will need to learn how to do this. They need instruction on what it means to comprehend what they read. For instance, if they are focusing on comprehension using text evidence, they need to know what exactly this means. They need to practice identifying text evidence and understanding how it is not just any line of text. It is purposeful and relates to a specific question. So, let’s explore comprehension skills and strategies and Text Evidence Passages that are perfect for your students! 

Comprehension Skills & Strategies 

Building comprehension using text evidence is not a one-strategy-fits-all approach. Students will need a lot of practice with different strategies. Luckily, this list provides options to help your young learners! 

  1. Identifying Key Details: When teaching students about using text evidence, it is important to start simple. Having them identify key details in a text is a great place to start since this includes some of the most important pieces of information. Students can go back to the text to identify characters, the setting, and any problem that may be happening. 
  2. Making Inferences: When we make inferences, we use clues from the text to figure out something that not directly stated. This helps us understand the text on a deeper level. If students practice returning to the text for specific clues, they will see how to think deeper about the meaning. 
  3. Asking Questions: Asking questions while reading is a great strategy to improve comprehension. By asking questions about the text, we can clarify our understanding and make connections between different parts of the story.

Each of these strategies will significantly allow students to improve the skill of building comprehension using text evidence. Students will see the importance of going back into the text to find specific details. Since this is a skill they will use throughout their lives, every minute of practice is essential! 

Comprehension using Text Evidence

Text Evidence Passages 

When students work on comprehension using text evidence, they need lots of practice! Thankfully, these passages provide a fantastic way for students to build their knowledge using text evidence. 

Specifically, there are 8 pages of simple sentence text evidence work. This provides essential foundational knowledge on text evidence and how to use it. Additionally, there are 20 pages of differentiated reading and comprehension passages. This offers valuable practice at returning to the reading by answering questions with text evidence. 

Students will show so much growth at returning to the text to find answers with these passages! 

reading activities

Students will read throughout their lives, so they need to understand that comprehension is a critical aspect of reading. By building comprehension using text evidence, students will see the importance of returning to the text to support their understanding. Need more comprehension tools? Check out this blog post on comprehension notebooks.

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