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First Grade Morning Work

When students enter the classroom, they are so excited to see their friends. Some want to talk about what they did the night before while others want to run around. However, how the day starts is a great predictor of how the entire day will go. Thus, teachers need students to enter the classroom calmly and eager to learn. One of the best ways to do this is to have morning work ready before students enter the classroom. Then, they can get to work the second they arrive. Luckily, First Grade Morning Work is ready for the entire year! 

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Smooth Morning Routine 

First-grade teachers have so much to handle in the morning. For instance, they must submit lunch counts and attendance by a specific time. Additionally, they need to check folders and read parent notes. Honestly, the mornings can be so stressful! If students ask questions and need help, all of these important tasks get pushed back. This means that the entire schedule is off! Thus, it is crucial to have a smooth morning routine. Morning work helps students know exactly what to do when entering the classroom. Since they will get right to work, teachers can handle the morning tasks. 

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First Grade Morning Work

This morning work bundle includes work for the entire year! Thankfully, planning how to start each day will be a breeze. Additionally, each day includes math and reading skills to ensure students are showing growth. 

Every student learns at a different pace. Thus, the morning work bundle comes with two differentiated levels for math and reading review. You get 200 days of differentiated Common Core correlated math and reading morning work pages!  

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Since teachers need time to complete morning essentials, each page includes clear directions. Students will stay engaged and focused as they work on various activities independently. This includes practicing a sight word of the day, correcting a sentence, working on math fact practice, and solving a math story problem. Honestly, this is a perfect way to review all of the crucial first-grade math and reading standards throughout the school year! 

Lesson planning take hours! Thus, the first-grade morning work bundle is print and go! Now, there will be no stress deciding how to start each morning on top of everything else that needs planned. Additionally, teachers won’t have to spend time putting packets together or cutting out small pieces. The click of a few buttons will prepare morning work for the entire week. 

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First-grade teachers know how much energy students have. Without structured activities, the classroom can become wild. Thankfully, First Grade Morning Work will help ensure the day begins smoothly. Best of all, it will help students gain confidence in their academics as they complete their work independently. 

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