Guided Reading in October

I really love working with my small groups during reading.  I feel very comfortable working on phonics and phonemic awareness skills, but I always felt like I was scrambling when it came to Guided Reading and working on comprehension and vocabulary skills.
I sat down and really thought about what I would like to accomplish during my Guided Reading groups.  I wanted something that would be easy to prep, fun for my students, and, of course, meet their academic needs.
This is when my Guided Reading packet was born.  My first monthly packet includes 4 nonfiction and 4 fiction stories at 3 differentiated reading levels (24 passages in all.)
Each passage set includes a pre-reading activity to introduce the topic.  I like to slip these into a Paper Saver or a page protector to save on copies.
After I introduce the topic and we discuss what we know or we relate the topic to our lives, I introduce the vocabulary.  Each passage set includes a picture page and vocabulary cards.

After the vocabulary is introduced, we are ready to read.
After reading our passage a number of times, we can answer the comprehension questions.  I like to have my students go back and highlight their answers in the text. 
Each passage set also includes a graphic organizer for the comprehension skill.
I spread this out over 2-3 lessons.  I just don’t have enough time to do it all in one sitting. 
My October Guided Reading packet includes the following stories:
Stinky Socks
Chocolate Cake
A Scary Movie
You can SAVE MONEY and buy the BUNDLE.  I will be adding each month to this growing bundle.  You will be able to download it at no additional cost each time it is updated.  Click on the picture below to check it out.
Prepping for my Guided Reading groups next week was SO easy!

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