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It’s October!

It is officially my favorite month! I love everything about this month. The weather, pumpkins, changing leaves, and Halloween decorations are all refreshing. However, one of the best parts is the fact that my first grades always seem to get into the groove of things by October. Honestly, I always tell myself that my first graders are really Kindergarteners until October. So, let’s explore some fantastic lessons to include when it’s October! Students will have so much fun learning with spooktacular activities. 

Digital Morning Meetings for October 

A morning meeting is a perfect way to start the day! It allows students to slowly warm up to learn while building relationships with each other. Thankfully, this is the perfect resource to do both aspects! There are 4 weeks worth of daily morning meeting activities and an editable calendar. 

One of the best parts of these morning meetings is how much there is for each day. For instance, there is a morning song, question of the day, word of the day, phonics fun, and math talk. There are even morning exercises to get students up and moving. On top of that, there is a bonus activity with either a video, picture discussion, or character-building discussion. Students will love starting their day with these activities! 

Phonics Fun

October Flip Books 

My students always love flip books! They are an amazing way to build reading and writing skills over an interesting topic. For instance, the October series includes bats, spiders, owls, fire safety, and pumpkins. Students can learn all sorts of fascinating information with these books! 

This book has busy teachers in mind. So, they are very little prep. All teachers have to do is print the pages 2-sided, shift the first page up, and fold. It is as easy as that! 

It's October

Interactive Fact Folder 

Interactive fact folders are such a fun activity to include when it’s October. They allow students to focus on key academic skills while learning about seasonal elements. So, there are fact folders for bats, pumpkins, and spiders. 

Students will work on compare and contrast skills, learn vocabulary, fill out graphic organizers, and write about the topic. There are even fact sheets for each folder to help build reading and comprehension skills. 

Since teachers are busy, this hands-on project keeps that in mind while making prep instructions and materials easy. Everything is ready to print; students just need a 12 x 18 piece of paper or file folder. 

It's October

When it’s October, there is such a special feeling in the classroom. Students are now familiar with routines and comfortable in the classroom. They are enjoying the weather and fall activities. So, these are the perfect activities to add to lessons! Students will have so much fun working on essential standards through fun, themed lessons. 

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  1. Hi Jodi,

    I found your blog through Paul's post on the TpT sellers forum. I'm so glad I did!

    I always make a point of discussing misconceptions with my students (especially in science) but never thought of making it a part of my displays – what a great idea! One of my all time favourite science misconceptions came from one of my 6 year olds in Spain. She thought that we could hear because tiny people lived inside our ears listening to everything and then whispered it into our brains.

    I also love the idea of making the mosquito visuals as numbers like 600 really don't hold meaning for early learners.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Best wishes,

    One, Two, Three: Math Time

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