Mother’s Day Celebration

Today I had a Mother’s Day Celebration in my classroom.  It’s the first time I’ve ever done this and it was great!  This will definitely be a new tradition in my classroom every year. 
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Throughout the week, we worked on some things for our mothers.
First, we completed this Mother’s Day Booklet. {Click on the picture for the free download.}
We also completed some activities from Cara’s packet.
It was amazing how hard they worked on these!  All to impress their mothers 🙂
We also made these vases with our fingerprints. {I found this idea on Instragram from Fabulous in First.} I just bought the vases from Dollar Tree and we used acrylic paint.
I purchased two dozen roses this morning so I could put a rose in each of the vases. 

 photo d8338078-7e1e-4bae-a0fc-8f99fe1c509b_zps9379d8b2.jpg

We also practiced poems all week to read. {Click on the picure below to download the poems that we used.}

When the mothers came into our room, they were able to get a snack and a drink with their child.  Then I gave each child a “Mom, Let’s Talk” bag.
 photo 36715d00-c2ae-4715-aac3-cfbbe432a1b2_zpsc2face56.jpg
Each bag contained questions that mothers and their child could discuss with each other.  It was so amazing to listen to the conversations my students were having with their mothers.  They had the biggest smiles on their faces listening to their mom tell them stories.  Too sweet!

 photo b3678a17-0738-4759-9db6-7004403349d2_zps90b82a23.jpg
 photo 2808bd47-322f-4093-b29f-3db068a56d41_zpsf5fd9762.jpg

{Click on the picture below to download the questions.}
After the students had conversations with their mothers and gave them their folders, it was time to read our poems. 
 photo fd00b88d-faa3-4615-91ab-2daf48f58bdf_zps4283afe5.jpg
 photo 88ad6867-87f4-4d20-93eb-5a93d87e20c3_zpsafb2dcc9.jpg
 photo 5dc8a121-56df-4aec-bed6-fa2027527c12_zps733b5161.jpg
 photo 08e130d8-f6f0-4ad5-abd5-1c5827b53a61_zps005d798c.jpg
To wrap up our celebration, I made a slide show with each child’s picture and a quote.  I had asked each student to tell me the best thing about their mom. 
 photo a9c6918e-5180-4627-8e6b-663d55278dd3_zpsbf527dbb.jpg
 photo ef2ed90f-cebd-4353-93c5-b2e8b5d5f073_zps1d709ed3.jpg
It was such a wonderful morning!

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  1. I HEART your "Mom, Let's Talk!" bag. Great idea~ It reminds me of an article I read recently that mentioned after our kiddos have a ballgame or dance recital we are quick to critique their every move. When instead we should simply say "I loved watching you pitch tonight.'

  2. What a super great post! We didn't do a whole lot for Mother's Day because of testing this year but I will have to keep these ideas in mind for next year 🙂


  3. This sounds like such a fun idea! I'm definitely pinning this for next year. =) Did you have any kids whose mom's weren't able to attend, since it was during the school day? And if so, did you just have them bring another family member, like an aunt or a grandma?

    1. On the invitation, I told them if mother's could not attend, they could invite another "special lady" in their lives. Some of my students do not live with their mothers, so they had an aunt or a grandma come. I did have 4 without, but other "moms" partnered up and one of our Reading Recovery teachers was also a "mom" for the day.

  4. Aw Jodi, it looks like your kids and moms had a wonderful time! This looks like a wonderful tradition to start. I especially like the bags and powerpoint-awesome idea!

  5. Loving your Mother's Day ideas!!! That is so exciting to have the moms celebrate with their kids in the classroom! Thank you for sharing your great ideas! I pinned your ideas as a reference to use for next year! 🙂

    Cheers To School

    1. I put on the invitation that another special lady could come. I had a couple grandma's come instead. I do have some students that do not live with their mother's. I only had 4 that didn't have anyone and they were adopted for the time by another parent. One little boy was upset at first because his mother had a seizure that morning and couldn't make it. (She has epilepsy.) One of our Reading Recovery teachers gladly came in and was his "mother figure" for the morning. He was thrilled!

  6. Hi, Jodi. I had breakfast for moms and dads last year, but your coversation starters made this year even more special. The moms really loved them. I hope you don't mind, but I remade them for Father's Day. I hope you can maybe even use them yourself. I am having dads in my room tomorrow for breakfast. I used several of the same questions, wrote a couple of different ones and used a mustache theme. You can download them from my blog if you are going to be having dads too.

    First Grade Wolves

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