Our Picnic Day

I promise I’m still around, just trying to keep my head afloat during these last few weeks of school.  Anyone else feel a little like this, just hanging on for dear life until summer vacation.
One of my favorite days of our school year is our “Picnic Day.”  I prearrange this with our cafeteria staff and they make sack lunches for my students for our picnic.  All day, we try and do “picnic” themed activities.
One of the student’s favorites is called “Pass the Plate.”  I write sight words on paper plates.  The students sit in a circle and I give each of them a plate.  I turn on music, while they pass the plates around the circle.  When the music stops, the students take turns going around the circle reading their sight word.  We also play this with math facts.

We also spent some time during our day writing about what we would do on a picnic, then illustrating our story on paper plates.

 Of course, the highlight of the day is our class picnic.  The students love the chance to be able to sit outside for lunch with just our class. 

You can find these activities and more in my updated Picnic packet.  **If you have purchased this packet in the past, it has been revamped and you will want to go and redownload it at Teachers Pay Teachers.


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  1. That looks really fun. I bet the kids loved it. We'll be having a picnic with the class each designing and making their own sandwiches at school as part of our food work. Adding in the paper plate reading and maths games will make sure even more learning is happening at the same time! Thanks for the idea!
    Growing Little Learners

  2. What a great day you put together! I love the sight words on paper plates! You could really have all sorts of things on those plates: sight words, addition and subtraction problems, clocks, you name it! I'll definitely try that in my classroom. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. O, picnic day its fantastic! We picked the perfect foods to bring along. We had fresh fruits, veggies, and some delicious sandwiches. A real hit were the burgers we made using low carb burger buns they were tasty and healthy. Everyone loved the variety, and it felt great to enjoy a meal outdoors. It was the ideal way to spend a sunny day, eating well and having fun together.

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