Penguin Time

Our unit on penguins was pushed back a week since we weren’t in school last week.  Teaching about penguins always makes that first week back a little better 😉
I always start off by doing a simple making words activity using the letters in the word PENGUINS.
At the end, I have them guess the mystery word.
We have read tons of great nonfiction books about penguins this week.  The students always love to find out that the baby penguins get fed by their mothers throwing up in their mouths.  “Ugh…I’m glad I’m not a penguin,” is a common reaction.
We have been doing many of the activities in my FREE Penguin Mini Unit on Teachers Pay Teachers.
I have really been trying to distinguish the difference between fiction and nonfiction this week, so I like to do a fiction penguin unit this week as well.
We have read many Tacky the Penguin books as well as some other fiction books about penguins.
 You can find these activities in my Fun with Fiction {Penguins} unit at Teachers Pay Teachers.

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