Superhero Vocabulary

I am always looking for ways to increase vocabulary instruction in my classroom.  One study I read said that when children from families with low incomes were 3 years old, they knew 600 fewer words than children the same age from families with upper incomes. By grade 2, the gap widens to about 4,000 words.  Working in a high poverty school, I know that teaching vocabulary becomes much more important.
I have always done Fancy Nancy in the past to add some excitement to teaching vocabulary words and even though the boys never complained about Fancy Nancy, I wanted to choose something that would appeal to everyone.  Superheroes!
I came up with this Interactive Vocabulary Notebook.
I decided that a cape is an easy prop to put on while they are working on their vocabulary journals and if we EVER return to school from the “Polar Vortex,” that’s what I will be wearing.
The students will be introduced to a word.  They will write the meaning, use it in a sentence and illustrate the word.  Then they can add the page to their vocabulary journal for future reference.  They will keep these journals in their desks to pull out during writing time.

I have included 213 pages of Level 1 words, which are developmentally appropriate for most 1st graders as well as 206 Level 2 words, which as you have probably already guessed, are generally 2nd grade level words.
I also included 2 blank templates to add your own words if needed.
This packet includes all of the words to be printed and placed on a wall in your classroom for display.
You can check out the packet and download the preview by clicking below.

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