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Nonfiction in October

I LOVE all of the fun topics to teach about in October!  It’s a time of year when I can’t wait to pull out all of my nonfiction books and do tons of read alouds.  One of my students this week said, “Wow!  You always have a book about everything we are learning about.”  Ha!  Well, yes I do 🙂
I created this Nonfiction in October unit and have been working away at it for the last couple of weeks.
This past week, we have been learning all about bats using this packet.
We read our information page and worked on text evidence by highlighting our answers in the text.

We created anchor charts.
 We also worked a lot with vocabulary.
The other topics included in this packet are:

 This 100 page unit will easily carry you through October.
 This packet is on sale in my TpT store through the weekend.

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