Phonics Instruction Made Easy

Reading instruction has grown so much over the years. As specialists and researchers study how students learn and grow, there are new techniques and findings to put into action. So, teachers work hard to implement the changes in the classroom to ensure students receive the best education possible. Since reading is an essential part of life, it is incredibly important to ensure instruction supports the needs of students. Luckily, there are so many Phonics Resources that support phonics instruction made easy! With all of the incredible offerings, students will show so much growth. 

Phonics Instruction

Importance of Phonics Instruction 

Honestly, phonics instruction is important for many reasons. It allows students to know how to decode print, which helps them to become fluent readers. As they become fluent readers, they can also comprehend what they read. 

As students build their phonics skills, decoding comes easily for some students. However, others need very direct and explicit instruction. This is where Phonics Instruction Made Easy comes in! There are so many lessons and resources to support all students. This instruction will ensure that students can decode, read multisyllabic words, use blends, and comprehend what they read. 

Since phonetic decoding is a lifelong skill, it is imperative students have strong instruction while in school. Since adults spend time reading chemicals on food labels and understanding medical terms, a strong foundation in elementary education is essential!

Phonics Instruction Unit

Everyone, even your highest readers, needs a solid understanding of phonics. This is because they will encounter multisyllabic and tricky words they do not know. So, having strong decoding skills is vital! 

Specifically, there are units for 27 different phonics skills. This includes blends, short vowels, long vowels, digraphs, diphthongs, and more! Each unit has tons of hands-on, enjoyable activities. For instance, there is Bossy R Tic Tac Toe, reading passages with comprehension questions, fluency lists, and name-that-picture pages. In addition, there are activities where students roll a dice and then perform that action while working with words. Honestly, there are so many enjoyable activities within each unit! 

Phonics Instruction


Phonics Instruction Made Easy ensures that every classroom can use all the resources. For example, they work perfectly for interventions, whole-group instruction, and small-group instruction. Additionally, they are great for independent workstations, partner activities, practice pages, and more! On top of this, the organization is precise. All you need to do is open the file and print exactly what you need. It will be such a seamless process to purchase what you need, print the resources, and integrate phonics instruction into your literacy block. 

Ultimately, Phonics Instruction Made Easy includes everything needed for powerful phonics instruction all year long. The 27 phonics skills ensure students learn everything they need to decode words and become fluent readers. 

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