15 Must Have Indoor Recess Items

Oh, the joys of indoor recess.  Living in Indiana, we tend to spend the majority of our recesses indoors from about November to March.  Here’s the deal…I hate indoor recess!  But, we have to make the best of it.  For that reason, I came up with a list of my favorite Indoor Recess Items for your classroom.  I personally use many of these for my Morning Tubs, but they are also great for that dreaded inside recess.

All of the items are numbered and linked below, or you can click on the picture and use the direct links from the PDF file for easy access.

Please note: These are affiliate links.  I do receive a small commission when items are purchased from these links.  This helps to support my little area of cyber space and keep the blog up and running.

15 Must-Have Indoor Recess Items

  1. Legos – Hello.  What elementary classroom doesn’t need Legos, right?
  2. Bristle Blocks – The students love building with these.
  3. Goobi Playsticks – These sticks have magnetic ends to stick to the metal balls.  The set also comes with plastic connectors.
  4. Playthings Playsticks – These remind me just a little bit of Lincoln Logs, but they are plastic.  My students love building houses, cars, and more with these.
  5. Brain Flakes – These are fun to creative with.  Such a simple idea, but the kids love them.
  6. Emido Building Blocks – Similar to the Brain Flakes, but thicker and very sturdy.
  7. Cash Register – You would not believe how much fun my students have with this cash register.  They instantly begin playing store and trying to buy and sell everything in the classroom.
  8. TinkerToys – Here’s a throwback, right?  These are made with plastic pieces though.
  9. Wood Cabin Logs – Basically Lincoln Logs, but cheaper.
  10. Topple – The kids love this game, and I like that it really does involve some strategy to keep it from toppling over.
  11. Zoob Builders – These may be my absolute favorite.  I have given them as birthday presents as well.  They are so much fun, and the students get so creative.
  12. Cossy Engineering Blocks – These were a new purchase this year, and they’ve been a huge hit.
  13. Play-Doh – Are you brave enough to let your students use Play-Doh during indoor recess?  I’m not, but I use it for Fun Friday and Morning Tubs.
  14. Guidecraft Interlox Squares – These are fun interlocking squares, but I will warn you that if your students are not gentle, they do break kind of easily.
  15. Emoji Uno – I love a good game of Uno, but this Emoji Uno is a hit with kids.

What are some of your other favorite indoor recess items?

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15 Must-Have Indoor Recess Items

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