Phonics Word Play

Learning to read and write takes time, practice, and patience. This is because there are so many skills to learn! For instance, students must know each letter and how they make a sound. Then, they must know the relationships of blends, digraphs, and diphthongs. On top of all this, they have to read and write for meaning. So, the words they read and compose have to make sense together. While this takes a lot of work, reading and writing are essential life skills. Thankfully, excellent teachers find creative ways to make phonics fun and exciting. For instance, Phonics Word Play allows students to build words while ensuring they smile! 

Phonics Word Play

What is Word Play?

Essentially, word play allows students to build words. When given a set of letters, they combine them to form words. There are multiple formats, such as a letter bank or word ladder. Honestly, this is such a fun way for students to build words!

Phonics Word Play 

Students love to get creative! Thankfully, there are ways to incorporate their creative side with word knowledge. When they do this, they don’t even realize how much phonics work they do. So, there are 82 word play sheets to last the entire year! 

Each word play sheet includes a word ladder, which challenges students to build a chain of words by changing one letter at a time. Honestly, this is a fantastic way to help students recognize word patterns and make connections between words. Changing one letter at a time also gives students confidence in their word formation. 

In addition to the word ladder, each sheet has a making words activity where students make as many words as possible. So, they will be given letters and then work at building all the words they can. Students love seeing how many words they can build! 

Phonics Word Play

Benefits of Phonics Word Play 

Honestly, there are so many benefits to utilizing this single resource! Students will have so much fun while forming words. However, there are even more benefits to completing the Phonics Word Play. For instance, students will work on vocabulary development, spelling, and word recognition skills. Additionally, each word play scaffolds learning and offers a range of difficulty levels. This is the perfect way to support students of all abilities. 


The Phonics Word Play works in so many ways! For instance, teachers can use them as independent work or during small groups. They even work great as whole group practice. On top of this, teachers can assign the sheets as homework for fun family activities or early finishers. To save paper, teachers can even print and laminate the sheets. This makes them the perfect activity to quickly pull out whenever time allows! 

Ultimately, Phonics Word Play is a fantastic resource for an engaging phonics activity aligned with the Science of Reading. Students will have so much fun while constructing and building words. Best of all, they will gain confidence in their reading, writing, and spelling abilities!

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