Solar Eclipse

Can you believe April 8th is almost here!? It feels like we’ve been preparing for the Solar Eclipse for such a long time, and it is finally weeks away! Since this event is monumental, it is crucial that teachers explain what it means to students. However, there is a limited amount to guide instruction since a solar eclipse is so rare. Thankfully, that is no longer a problem! The Solar Eclipse Activities and Keepsake has everything you need to prepare students for this fantastic opportunity! 

solar eclipse activites

When is the Solar Eclipse?

Depending on where you live in relation to the Great American Solar Eclipse has a huge impact on how much discussion there has been. If you live in a zone of totality, it has been the conversation for the past year. At this point, hotels are sold out, and law enforcement is preparing for a massive influx of people. While the event will only last a few minutes, it will not occur again until 2044. Due to this, it is something most students have never heard. So, students must understand the significance before it arrives to truly appreciate the event. 

Solar Eclipse Activities and Keepsake

There is so much to learn about during a Solar Eclipse! Between what actually happens and essential vocabulary, it is a complex event! Luckily, this resource includes everything to ensure students have a strong grasp before April 8th. 

Students will create an interactive lapbook full of essential information. This includes key vocabulary words and a comprehension activity. On top of this, students will learn about the Great American Solar Eclipse while working on making words, ABC order, and a word search. So, students will still focus on key academic standards while understanding why April 8th is such a big deal. 

Solar Eclipse Activities

Keepsake Item 

Since this is a monumental event, students will want a keepsake item. They will put this in a special bin and be able to reflect on it when they are older. Luckily, the Solar Eclipse Activities and Keepsake does exactly this! 

The lapbook students create is something they can easily store. The project uses a file folder, so it will not take up a lot of space. On the outside, students will write down the date and time to quickly reflect on this day when they are older. Inside, there will be printables and foldables to help them reflect on what the sun, moon, and Earth did on this day. 

Interactive Lapbook

Minimal Prep 

Teachers have enough to handle every day! So, the Solar Eclipse Activities and Keepsake is easy to prepare. Teachers just need one file folder for each student. Since these are sturdy, they will ensure this activity stores well for many years. Additionally, all printables and foldables are ready with the click of “Print!” 

Bonus Activities 

The Great American Solar Eclipse of 2024 will be powerful for students to learn about. So, there is a bonus file with more fun and educational activities to ensure students are ready for the event. 

As April 8th nears, there is a lot of stress over the best way to prepare students. Since there are a lot of large terms and scientific explanations, it can seem overwhelming. Thankfully, that is no longer a concern with the Solar Eclipse Activities and Keepsake! There is student-friendly language and activities to ensure students know how special this day is. 

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