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The New Year

It’s a new year!  Even though it’s not a new school year, it can still mean time for a fresh start.  The students have had a break, and it’s the perfect time to rethink your classroom.  What’s working?  What’s not working?  What changes do you want to make?
Here are a couple of things that we will be using to kick start our new year:
Last year I posted a New Year’s Flip book and a poem that was a perfect activity to do for that first day back to school.  I have updated both for 2016.
I love discussing New Year’s Resolutions and goal setting.  It can be pretty entertaining to see what they come up with sometimes.
You can click HERE to check out the flip book.
I also have this FREE New Year’s Poem download that you can find HERE.
One of my favorite times of the day is Morning Meeting.  We discuss our day, complete a morning message, do calendar, and then I read a “Discussion Card.”  I LOVE using these.  They really get the students thinking and talking.  This past week, I finished up a second set of 100 cards.
I use these for discussions, but they would also be great writing prompts.
You can click HERE to check out my first set, and HERE to check out my second set of 100 discussion cards.
I am also excited to use my January Guided Reading packet when we return next week.  These packets make planning SO simple!
I have 4 nonfiction and 4 fiction stories.  Each story includes 3 different levels of passages, vocabulary words, comprehension graphic organizers, and writing prompts. 
 I also know for sure that we will be taking full advantage of GoNoodle!  My students need Brain Breaks anyways, but I’m pretty sure that after having 2 weeks off, those Brain Breaks will be a definite necessity.
Hope you have a wonderful start to 2016!

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