The Week Before Easter

We only have three days of school this week, and then it’s SPRING BREAK!  Needless to say, we are all a little excited 😉
So, this week we are throwing a couple of Easter and spring themed activities into our learning.  Today, we “egged” our principal.
I started doing this a couple of years ago after seeing it here. I purchased my big egg from Hobby Lobby, but I’ve seen them cheaper at Walmart.  One year, I couldn’t find a big egg anywhere, so I just had my students write letters and place them into individual eggs.  Then, we placed the eggs in a basket.
 They did an “egg”mazing job of throwing “egg” into words 🙂
You can download the editable letter and “You’ve Been Egged” paper HERE.
I also sent this letter and a plastic egg home with each child today.
You can find this along with some other plastic egg activities in the following packet. (Just click on the picture below.)

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  1. Love the What's in my Egg activity! My students would definitely need some help finding something small enough to place in the egg! I also loved the "You've been egged" activity. I will be doing this next year!

  2. Love Love the spring! I loved when my kids looked for Easter eggs! The "you've been egged" was great! We did this with our grand kids! Now summer is coming I planned great ideas with my grand kids I want to share with you and your bloggers. Ten cheap things to do with your kids this summer at

  3. All of your creative ideas about spring are so inspirational. But I especially love the wonderful ways to use plastic Easter egg for math, literacy, and speaking/listening in my first-grade classroom. I love the idea of taking home an egg and filling it with anything – I guess it could even be soil. Using their writing skills and thinking of 3 clever clues that their parents can help them write. Getting the parents involved is always an added benefit, giving the families a chance to work on a project together. This will also be another opportunity for the students to practice their speaking skills in class, using a strong voice, speaking clearly, and having good eye contact with the audience. I love this and look forward to sharing this simple but creative activity with my class and their families.\

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