Tips for New Teachers

Being a new teacher is hard.  When, I think back to my first couple years of teaching, I know that it was a huge mix of emotions.  I LOVED being a teacher, but I was also very overwhelmed, and this was WAY BEFORE Pinterest and Instagram.  The pressure of trying to “keep up” and “do everything” is real, even as a veteran teacher.  I asked teachers on my Instagram page to give their best tip for new teachers, and I HAD to share them with you, because they are SO good!

A list of wonderful tips for new teachers.

My tip for new teachers is: You cannot do it all!  You are not going to be Pinterest perfect (because NO ONE is.)  Social media is the highlight reel.  Don’t get overwhelmed with how your classroom looks.  The most important thing is to put your focus on building relationships with your students.

“You won’t be able to do it all, and that’s okay!” -Kelsey

“Be yourself and enjoy your first year of teaching!!!” -Trish

“Classroom management, routines and building relationships with students are very important.  Your plate will always be full so learn to prioritize well.  Make sure to take time for you.  Teacher self-care is important.  You can’t pour from an empty cup.  So make sure that you fill yours up often.” -Cayla

“Don’t check school email after 5:00 pm.” -Laurie

“Classroom management is the top priority in having everything else run smoothly.” -Mrs. Mohan

“Ask for help and guidance if/when needed.  We’ve all been the new teacher and will help!  Do not consume yourself with work!  You need to take time for yourself!  Trust me, you can spend hours upon hours in your classroom and still find things to do.  It will be there tomorrow!!” -Elyse

“Don’t take feedback personally.” -Ashley

“Ask for help, join a tribe that is kind and doesn’t gossip but builds each other up!  Teacher friends are necessary!  Have fun!!” -Robin

“Find a mentor!  Someone to ask all the things!!!  Not someone who will just agree with you, but someone who will help you grow!!” -Sarah

“Parents want to help, so let them!” -Angela

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help!  I meet so many teachers who are scared to ask someone else for help.” -Nikki

“Be real with your students.  I’m a sarcastic and goofy person and I use that when necessary because that’s who I am and my students know that.  Also, don’t feel like you need to take work home with you!  Take a break.  The list will be there tomorrow!” -Heather

“Give yourself grace.  You won’t be perfect and you aren’t expected to be.” -Melody

“POSITIVE classroom management.  Look for students doing what you want first and praise them.  That usually ends the unwanted behavior.” -Sandy

“Classroom management is vital!” -Mel

“Don’t compare yourself/your pace with your colleagues.  You need strong management and solid procedures.  Make sure that is in place and everything else will come.  Never be afraid to ask for help!” -Jen

“Take your time to teach routines and expectations.  This will help during the rest of the year.” -Sophie

“Don’t compare yourself, your room decor, your organization, etc to others, especially veteran teachers.  Focus on 1-2 areas of growth a year.” -Shelley

“Learn constantly.  My first year (and even now), I was always watching other teachers.  How they addressed problems, words they used, body language, what they ignored, what they addressed asap.  Always be learning!” -Nichole

“Trust yourself and know that it is ok to ASK. FOR. HELP. WHEN. YOU. NEED. IT.” -Laura

“Be good to yourself and remember you are new and learning, it’s a process and be a sponge.  Trial and error.  Don’t compare yourself to others and find what you like and don’t like.  You are the only one that knows what will work for you as a teacher.  No one else.” -Ann

“Shadow another teacher!  Above you, below you, same grade.  Ask for coverage and see how they do it!  You don’t have to copy them, but watch.” -Chrissy

“Always put the people first.  Things can wait.” -Izzy

“Find a good friend/mentor and don’t compare.” -Nicole

“Call parents if you are having a problem/issue with their child!  They want to know and help and it’s worse if they’re blindsided with a call from admin or the next year’s teacher!  It’s scary but gets easier!” -Shannon

“Being the last person at school doesn’t make you the best teacher.  Watch and observe other teachers as much as possible.  I learned soooo much doing this when I started.” -Lorena

“Try to remember that the “difficult” student is your opportunity to succeed as a teacher.  Be the difference in a child’s life!” -Samantha

“Develop strong expectations and hold students accountable.” -Lyndsey

“Establish a way to track communication with parents and find a mentor teacher that you connect with…all good things take time.” -Katie

“Focus on one thing and get good at it.  Then add from there.  No one expects anyone to have it all together.” -Vanessa

“Find a good teacher mentor and soak it all in.” -Hilary

“Ask alllll the questions-to other teachers, admin, support staff!  Everyone is so knowledgeable and helpful!” -Suzanna

“Relationships first.” -Caity

“They do not give awards for the last person to leave school.  Don’t burn yourself out.  The papers on your desk will still be there in the morning and it’s totally ok!  You can’t fill from an empty cup.  Take care of your mental health.” -Meg

“Do not focus on the content on the internet-focus on the content that your students NEED.” -Jessica

“Take time for yourself.  It is your job, not your life.” -Melissa

“You don’t have to buy all the things right away!  You’ll go broke doing that.” -Ms. Hahn

What would be your tip for a new teacher?



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