Must-Have Activities For November

By the time November hits, teachers and students are both exhausted. While everyone can use a break, there are still a few weeks before Thanksgiving. This means teachers have to work extra hard to keep students engaged and focused. However, this is hard when they are so tired! Luckily, there are must-have activities for November to help students keep learning while making the days go fast! 

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Interactive Fact Folder for November

November has so many important events! However, students may only think about Thanksgiving. Luckily, this resource is the perfect way to teach students about Thanksgiving and other events! Specifically, students will focus on Veterans Day, turkeys, and the Mayflower Voyage through several hands-on activities. 

Must-Have Activities for November

For each November fact folder, students will have a coloring picture, learn new vocabulary words, and read and highlight fact sheets. They will also organize this information in graphic organizers to build comprehension. Furthermore, students will work on writing responses to share their thoughts. Plus, depending on their age, students can even work on editing and revising. By the end of the activities, students will have a keepsake to take home. 

Must-Have Activities for November

Students will need a 12 x 18 piece of construction paper or file folder to glue on the interactive pieces. This is something they always love to do! Parents and guardians will love looking at this keepsake activity and seeing what their little one is learning at school. 

Thanksgiving Color by Code for Addition and Subtraction 

When planning must-have activities for November, Color by Code is always a student favorite! These addition and subtraction sheets are an incredible way to keep students focused while practicing essential skills. It is always exciting to watch students discover the picture with each problem solved. Students will absolutely love working on their math skills with this fun activity. 

Must-Have Activities for November

The Thanksgiving Challenge 

This will be one of the must-have activities for November you do each year! It is fun and engaging while focusing on academics. Your students will compete in small groups over 10 academic challenges. Specifically, this includes ways to make numbers, middle vowel sounds, making words, making a list, ABC order, and fixing sentences. Additionally, students will work on subtraction, graphing, tally marks, and word searches. Since students love to compete, they will be sure to focus on their academic skills! 

After each challenge, the class will open a Challenge Ticket envelope and solve the code word. The first team to solve all 10 code words is the winner. First and second-graders will absolutely love this challenge! 

November is an exciting yet exhausting month. While everyone is ready for the holiday season, a relaxing break is also needed. Luckily, these must-have activities for November will help give everyone an extra burst of energy! Best of all, students will love working on their academics with these resources.

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