Our Teddy Bear Day

Today was our Teddy Bear Day!  I had each of my students bring in their favorite teddy bear from home.  Some brought in different stuffed animals if they didn’t have teddy bears. {I also brought some extras from home just in case any of them forgot.}
We began by making folders to hold all of our goodies for the day.  They cut out these labels and glued them onto folded construction paper for their folders.
Next, we wrote about our bears so we could introduce them to everyone.

We used measuring tape to measure our bears.

The students came up with adjectives to describe a bear.
All of them loved reading to their bears and having their bears join them at their desks all day.
We also completed plenty of math activities with our teddy bear theme.  The students had to make predictions for how many gummy bears were in the jar.  After we counted them together, the students found the difference between their predictions and the real answer.

We also used our gummy bears to complete some ten frames since we just started working on finding compliments of ten in math.
In another math activity, we used Honey and Chocolate Teddy Grahams to complete addition and subtraction problems.

You can find these activities and many more in my Teddy Bear Day Unit.

We had so much fun and it was nice to have a special day that was a change from the ordinary, but still full of learning!

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