Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic awareness sets the foundation for being a strong reader and writer. Honestly, this involves much more than just learning the letters and the sounds they make. It includes everything from blending to syllables. Thus, it can be overwhelming for students to learn and remember so many skills. Thankfully, teachers work hard to take essential skills and turn them into fun activities and games. For instance, the Phonemic Awareness Activity Pack contains ways for students to strengthen their skills to be confident readers and writers. Students will be excited to practice the skills with these hands-on activities. 

phonemic awareness

Phonemic Awareness Activity Pack

This assessment and activity pack contains many ways to practice phonemic awareness skills. Specifically, this includes sentence segmentation, rhyming, alliteration, syllables, and onset and rime. Furthermore, it includes phoneme blending, segmentation, deletion, and substitution. Each of these skills is vital to helping students read fluently and write strong sentences. 

Teachers know that students remember content better when they are engaged. Thus, the phonemic awareness activity pack contains many exciting ways to practice these skills. Students will play different types of games based on skill. For instance, they will roll a die to see which picture to use when coming up with a rhyme. They will even use a spinner to practice these skills! Additionally, they will become word detectives to use clues when selecting the correct description. Likewise, they will practice changing sounds to form new words. The engaging activities help ensure students focus on showing growth in phonemic awareness. 


While teachers do not love spending time administering assessments, they are essential. Truly, assessments help teachers determine what students know independently. Then, teachers can use this information to plan interventions or enrichment. Furthermore, assessments help track student growth over the course of one year. Since assessments are vital, there are pre and post-assessments for each phonemic awareness skill. Teachers can use the data to decide which activities students need to spend time on to improve their phonemic awareness skills. There are even checklists to help keep all data organized. 


Small-Group Instruction 

Students often benefit from working in a small groups. This allows them to feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts and asking those around them for help. Thus, this activity packet is perfect for small group instruction! Students will love engaging in different activities with a supportive group. Since every classroom has different needs, some activities work great in a whole class setting or with partners. Luckily, this means that students can improve their phonemic awareness skills regardless of class size. 


The Phonemic Awareness Activity Pack includes everything you need to ensure students have strong phonemic awareness skills. Students will love getting to improve their skills with engaging activities! Thankfully, this will ensure that students focus and remain engaged while practicing. Teachers will feel so proud of students while completing each assessment! 

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