It’s Turkey Time

I absolutely love Halloween decorations, but as soon as November 1st hit, I switched into Turkey mode.
I gave the students paper plates and had them color the plates brown.
Then I passed out a turkey body that I had already labeled with numbers to each student as well as six turkey feathers cut from construction paper.
The students had to write a different way to get to their number onto each feather.  I guided them into two addition, two subtraction, using money, and tally marks.  You could give them other options as well. 
I stapled their feathers onto their plates.
So, now our hallway is ready for November!
I created these sheets to give my students some additional practice as well.
You can download this FREEBIE by clicking on the picture below.

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  1. Super cute Freebie!! Thanks so much for sharing. Having so much looking around your blog and TPT shop and finding so many wonderful resources and ideas.

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