Word Fluency Assessment Checks

Teachers have a massive goal for each student: making sure they can read words fluently! Honestly, being a strong reader is an essential part of being successful in life. However, this puts a ton of stress and pressure on teachers as they find ways to help all students. Since every student is at a different spot in their reading journey, the Word Fluency Assessment Checks are here to help! Between amazing lessons and these checks, teachers can be confident that their students will see the power behind words. 

word fluency assessment checks

Phonics Focus 

The Science of Reading Scope & Sequence proves the importance of teaching students about phonics. It shows that when students know phonics skills, they can apply the knowledge to hundreds of words. So, when teachers focus on a single phonics skill, they provide foundational knowledge on pronouncing many words. This is why the weekly fluency assessment checks focus on one phonics skill at a time! Students focus on one aspect, while teachers gain valuable data on which skills need further instruction. 

Word Fluency Assessment Checks 

When students learn to read, they encounter so many words. Since it is impossible to remember them all at once, teachers break them down into manageable and meaningful categories. Thankfully, these assessment checks support this process! 


The quick assessments allow teachers to see if students can use their phonics knowledge while reading. So, teachers can see which errors students make. This provides essential insight into which phonics skills need reteaching. 

included phonics

Specifically, the word fluency assessment checks focus on 32 phonics skills! This includes short a, e, i, o, u, and soft c/g. Additionally, there are assessments for beginning blends, ee/ea/ey, and ou/ow. 

Student and Teacher Pages 

While students are taking word fluency assessment checks, they need to be able to focus on the skill. So, they do not need distractions, instructions, or graphics. To support this, students have their assessment page. This includes two columns with words that implement the phonics focus. Then, two simple sentences are at the bottom of the page to see if students can read the words in context. 

Teachers will then have their recording sheet. This includes two columns of the words and then a checkbox. Since students will be reading the words quickly, having a spot to check them off will be super helpful. Teachers also have the sentences at the bottom to record how well students read the sentence. Lastly, there is an assessment note box. This will allow teachers to document anything needed or write in an overall score. 

word fluency assessment checks

Honestly, the organization of these pages ensures students and teachers gain valuable insight into phonics knowledge! 


Honestly, teachers know their students best. So, you may already know how you want to use the Word Fluency Assessment Checks! If you’re unsure, I recommend giving each student the quick and easy assessment individually. This provides great insight into whether or not the students can quickly read each word- including nonsense words! 

Students will love blossoming into readers! The Word Fluency Assessment Checks are a great way to see how well your students can apply their phonics knowledge while reading! Thankfully, quick assessments provide valuable data into where students need additional phonics instruction. 
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