First Grade Writing Mini-Lessons

Teachers have to make tough decisions about how much time to spend on standards. They want to ensure students are ready for everything in life. Therefore, some standards receive more time, focus, and attention. One of these standards involves writing. Honestly, this is a challenging skill to learn because there are so many components. Thankfully, the first grade Writing Mini-Lessons are here to guide and support students as they build writing skills and stamina. 

first grade writing mini-lessons

Finding the Time 

Do you struggle to find time to teach first-grade writing lessons? It is so hard to fit everything in! Many times, the focus is more on reading and math. However, students must focus on writing each year. Before long, they will be writing essays with citations. Thus, they need plenty of time during elementary school to strengthen the foundational elements of writing. Luckily, this resource makes daily writing practice attainable! 

First Grade Writing Mini-Lessons

Writing is not just something that students will know how to do overnight. It takes time and practice to show growth. Therefore, this resource includes 20 writing mini-lessons for each month! This means there are 180 lessons to last the entire school year! Additionally, a printable 1st-grade writing journal accompanies the mini-lessons for each month. Students can even take their journals home and practice skills with their parents. 

first grade writing mini-lessons

Teachers also have a guide for daily lessons. This means that writing lessons are ready for the entire year! Now, teachers can take the guesswork out of planning and make teaching first-grade writing a breeze. Honestly, it will feel so good to have your entire year of writing instruction planned and ready to go! 

Parent Communication 

It is crucial to let parents know what is going on in the classroom. However, it can be hard to find the time to do this. Thankfully, the first grade Writing Mini-Lessons includes an exclusive set of parent letters that tell what the writing skills are for each month! Teachers can even staple the letters to the student writing journal before sending them home. Parents will love knowing what their children are learning and how to help them at home. 

Writing Styles

These first-grade writing mini-lessons will expose students to multiple writing styles. This includes narratives, persuasion, informative, opinion, descriptive, poetry, and letters. Additionally, students will learn about writing conventions. This resource will prepare students for writing throughout their entire lives!  

Implementation of First Grade WRiting Mini-lessons

Teachers can implement the same resource in various ways. This is one of the best parts of teaching! Personally, I love to use mini-lessons for simple yet effective writing practice each day. By doing this, I walk students through the mini-lesson and then provide time to work on a writing activity. Depending on the skill, I utilize whole group instruction or small group instruction. No matter how teachers implement this resource, students will love seeing their writing growth! 

writing lessons

Grade Levels 

The Writing Mini-Lessons mainly focus on 1st grade. However, every student learns at a different pace! Therefore, it could also work in kindergarten or 2nd grade. 

Writing is a skill students will use throughout their entire lives. It is also incredibly complex and incorporates so many skills. Thus, students need consistent time and practice to build their writing knowledge. Thankfully, the first-grade Writing Mini-Lessons ensure students practice writing skills daily and create an unbreakable writing foundation. 

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