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Nonfiction Fluency

I love using nonfiction text as often as I can.  It’s such a great way to integrate science and social studies into reading, since we all know how difficult it can be to fit everything into our school day.
I created this Nonfiction Fluency Roll & Read packet to add some excitement into their reading fluency practice.
This packet includes 40 science and social studies topics as well as a response sheet for your students to write about what they have learned.
These can be used in whole group, small group, partners, or as individuals.  I like to place my students into partnerships, so they can listen to each other read.  The students take turns rolling and reading the passage.  I usually give them a number of times to roll or a time limit before they stop to write on their response page.
If you would like to check out this packet, click on the cover page below.
All of the passages in this packet are written at about the same level, but I am currently working on a beginner packet that will be available soon.

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