Have you ever looked at the weather and cringed when many different elements may happen in the same week? For instance, snow is predicted one day, rain another, and sunshine at the end of the week. While this happens all the time, teachers know it makes students extra excited. So, whenever the predicted weather begins, all eyes focus on what is happening outside versus inside. Thankfully, teachers can incorporate Weather Activities & Reading Passages into fascinating lessons! Students will love having their interests embedded into lessons. 

Weather Activities & Reading Passages 

The weather is such a fascinating topic to learn about! Between seasons to precipitation, there are so many elements to focus on. Thankfully, this unit covers rain, snow, precipitation, wind, rainbows, storms, clouds, and the water cycle! Students will be fascinated from the beginning and love exploring all the different elements. 

Informational Reading 

Honestly, students can have a hard time reading informational text! However, it is so important they gain the needed skills from a young age. They will always read informational text, so time and practice will help them become strong readers. So, the weather unit includes many informational weather reading passages for each topic! There are even text evidence comprehension questions for each topic. 


weather Activities 

The Weather Activities & Reading Passages contain many fun lessons to ensure students understand the material! For instance, there is vocabulary practice for each topic. This helps ensure students know essential terms. All vocabulary cards even have “real” pictures to help engage students and allow them to visualize the weather. Additionally, there are booklets based on clouds and the water cycle. Students always love putting these together! On top of this, there are writing pages, word searches, bingo games, and face and opinion sheets. Students will love learning about this fascinating topic! 

reading passages

Subject Integration 

There are so many standards for teachers to get through! So, one of the best parts of the activities is addressing multiple subject areas. For instance, the material is science-based, but the passages are reading-based. Teachers can dive deeper into reading skills and science topics when combining the two! Best of all, there won’t be such a rush to get through the material when lessons incorporate multiple subjects. 

Grade Level Focus 

The Weather Activities & Reading Passages are mainly for 1st and 2nd-grade students. The passages are at a level where most 1st-grade students will need assistance while reading them. So, they are perfect for guided reading groups and group instruction. 

This is such a fun topic to learn about since it occurs all around us! However, it is also challenging because there is so much to know. Thankfully, the Weather Activities & Reading Passages break the types of weather into manageable pieces with lots of fun activities. Students will love going home and sharing the cool facts they learn each day! 

science based reading

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