March Math & Literacy Worksheets

As you begin to plan for March, your creative outlet may be running low. Honestly, this is the case for all teachers! It is hard to keep pushing through between lesson planning, preparing for state assessments, and keeping students engaged. Thankfully, most schools have spring break coming up soon to help everyone recharge. Until this occurs, the March Math & Literacy Worksheets are here to help! They will ensure students keep learning, and teachers can prepare everything needed at school. 

March Math & Literacy Worksheets

March Math & Literacy Worksheets

These worksheets are the perfect way to have easy yet engaging activities! Specifically, there are 15 math and 15 language arts worksheets that cover many standards. Ultimately, this means that March will include new lessons, reviews, and enrichment. This is a great format to keep students engaged during every minute of the day. Students will have so much fun working on these worksheets while showing growth in so many areas! 

Math Skills 

Honestly, it is daunting to plan for all of the math skills during 1st grade. Students learn such a wide range of information. Thankfully, the March math & literacy worksheets include so much practice. For instance, students work on telling time, counting money, place value, addition, subtraction, and word problems. There are even worksheets for graphing, missing addends, fact families, and comparing numbers. Students will love all of this engaging math practice! 

March Math & Literacy Activities

Language Arts Skills 

It takes a lot of work to be a reader and writer! So, there are worksheets for fixing sentences, long vowels, compound words, parts of speech, ABC order, blends, contractions, and synonyms. Students will also work on writing, blends, and making words. There is so much practice to help students be the best readers and writers! 

St. Patrick's Day Activities


Since every classroom is different, the March Math & Literacy Worksheets work in so many formats. For instance, they are perfect for whole group review, small group work, centers, and independent practice. Teachers can even use them for morning work, homework, or sub plans. There are so many ways to implement these amazing worksheets! 

Grade Appropriateness

The March Math & Literacy Worksheets are perfect for 1st-grade students. However, they are also great for higher kindergarten students or below-level 2nd-grade students. This is a great resource to ensure there is differentiation for all students. 

Ready to Go 

Thankfully, the March Math & Literacy Worksheets are all no prep! Teachers just need to click the print button. Honestly, it will feel so nice to have part of the lesson plans ready to go! Teachers can even print all worksheets at once to have them ready each week. 

March can be a challenging month. Everyone is ready for a break. However, upcoming assessments mean that teachers need to ensure students are ready. Thankfully, the March Math & Literacy Worksheets help do this! They are an excellent tool for review or seeing what topics students need additional help in!

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