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When Simon & Schuster reached out to me wondering if I would be interested in teaming up to promote their Ready-to-Read books, I absolutely agreed.  These are some of my favorite books for not only my own children, but the students in my classroom as well.  I love that they come in different levels and are of high interests to my kids.

  • Ready-to-Read has it all, with leveled books for every young reader! Exciting nonfiction, beloved characters, and fan favorites make Ready-to-Read books the perfect choice for reluctant young readers.
  • All Ready-to-Read titles have been vetted by educational experts to adhere to the latest reading guidelines, and each level is designed to help children confidently grasp new reading concepts. Every title utilizes concepts such as sight words, shorter lengths, word families, rhyming, and contains a guide at the beginning of each book to prepare children for the story ahead. Fun reading comprehension questions at the end of each story help children to re-engage with the text and better understand it.
  • With fun “Star” levels, kids and parents can utilize the easy to understand system to bolster confidence as they move through the levels at their own pace.
  • Ready-to-Read brings the focus back to fun while still offering parents and educators well crafted, imaginative stories and engaging nonfiction. Beloved characters from authors like Doreen Cronin and Eric Carle will delight fans of traditional picture books. Stories from fan favorites like Daniel Tiger, the PJ Masks, and the Peanuts will get kids excited to read about their adventures. Unique and accessible nonfiction series such as “You Should Meet,” and “Living In…” explore the influential people in our world, and take readers around the globe to read about different cultures.

Ready-to-Read has something for everyone, and even reluctant readers will enjoy the easy format and fun stories.I personally love the nonfiction stories.  It can be challenging at times to find engaging nonfiction text written at a level meant for younger kids.  The Ready-to-Read series has a great selection of science and social studies topics.  Make sure to check out their website to see all of the book titles.

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