It’s Pumpkin Time

Yes, I am still alive!  I have felt so overwhelmed lately.  Parent Teacher Conferences started last week, so that definitely explains a lot, but we have also been really busy with my girl’s gymnastics and dance as well. 
I actually had a free night tonight, so I wanted to share a couple of things we have been working on.
We started learning about pumpkins this week and the pumpkin life cycle.  After reading a couple of nonfiction books, we discussed fact versus fiction.
This was really hard for my students at first.  It was very difficult for their little minds to understand opinions.  They finally got the hang of it though.  The students wrote some of their own facts and opinions about pumpkins.
Today, I gave the students some construction paper to make their own pumpkins. 
I just kind of let them have at it with these pumpkins.  I wanted them to have complete freedom with this craft.  When they finished, I had them write in their journals to describe their pumpkins.
Some of them did a great job at describing their pumpkins, but I quickly realized that they needed a little more guidance to get some more detailed descriptions.  Tomorrow, they will be using this graphic organizer to write describing words for their pumpkins.
I really think this will help their writing.
You can download the sheets above and some pumpkin writing paper by clicking on the picture below.
Hopefully the rest of the week will be calm.  Funny, right?!  Considering tomorrow is Book Character Day and Thursday is Halloween, I think it may be a lost cause 😉  My fingers are crossed though.

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